Premarital Counseling - Interfaith Marriage Prep Chicago

Premarital Counseling - Interfaith Marriage Prep Chicago

An Alternative In Premarital Relationship Counseling.

A Holistic Non-religious Alternative To Help You Prepare for Your Life Together.

Premarital Couseling with a Differance!

In three fun and educational sessions, Rev. Pam will teach you holistic principles and skills designed to improve your communication, deepen your love and remind you how to keep yourself and your relationship in balance. Successful marriages are built on a solid foundation of a deep friendship and a respect for each other. Learn practical and spiritual ways to alleviate stress and prepare you for some of the inevitable challenges of marriage while respecting each other's needs and differences. This course is not designed to tell you if you are supposed to be together - Rev Pam developed this program to teach you "how to stay together".  

Premarital appointment times are available 8-8pm daily to fit your schedule. Her sessions are titled:  1).Keeping Yourself In Balance 2).The Mundane Sharing a Home   3).The Challenges Ahead 

Add sessions with family, children and parents. LGBT, Pagan & 2nd marriage w/ children $120

Premarital "Life" Coaching


Three Session Pack $297

Premarital counseling sessions with Rev Pam can be scheduled Via Skype, or in person. and run $120 each or the premarital counseling pack is $297 / $99 each when you buy all three at one time. Couples must complete the COUPLES RELATIONSHIP ASSESSMENT TOOL.  Which is $40 paid online at the time you take the test.  Add sessions with family, children and parents. LGBT, Pagan & 2nd marriage w/ children $120 


Implement Holistic Philosophies

This course will help you work together to handle life's challenges and enjoy a passionate loving relationship.  Learn how to pay attention to how you feel and behave, to keep yourself and your relationship in balance. Learn how to Implement Holistic Principles Into your Daily Lives and Family. How to listen and be heard. Communication & Feelings.


Effective & Flexable

Sessions are customized to the couples personal needs. Sessions with children of first marriages can be added. Learn techniques you can use daily that will help you negotiate life in a less stressful atmosphere. Make better decisions. Perform better at work. LGBT, Multicultural, interfaith, pagan, instant family, family planning. Identify Your fears. 

Marriage Counseling

ON-LINE COURSE Soon to come...

Take Rev  Pam's Video Marriage Prep Course Online. It's almost finished.  Great refresher to any of Rev Pam's Sessions. WATCH THE INTRO HERE


Relationship in peril? CLICK HERE to Consider a Spiritual Alternative To Rekindle Your Love! Clairvoyant Consultation & Holistic Healing Sessions with Rev Pam!

MEDIATOR Conflict Resolution

Can't decide? Can't give in? Take a peek into the future with Rev Pam and get her clairvoyant recommendations based on spiritual practices. You want answers? Straight forward, no bull? If you're ready to hear the truth then this is the session for you. Phone/ Skype or In Person: One session up to two hours $120

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Private Skype or Phone Intake Appointment is $75 dollars and can be set up with one or both partners.  Premarital counseling sessions are scheduled at $120 each, or a 3-session commitment for $297.Couple must agree to meet in person at Pine Manor at least one time and may hold the other two via Skype. Please allow extra time, a session can be up to two hours.   Add sessions with family, children and parents. LGBT, Pagan & 2nd marriage w/ children $120. Divination and Clairvoyant Guidance Consult

Interfaith Marriage Prep Chicago

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Monday - Sunday: 8am-8pm Daily By Appointment.


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Rev Pam's Recommended Couple's Relationship Assessment Tool


Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a relationship partner.  The Relate assessment is trusted by thousands of professionals and has helped over 100,000 learn about their relationship readiness, strengths, and areas to improve.  RELATE is a scientific view of a love relationship. It provides an objective inventory of your relationship’s most pivotal factors, presented in a clear, readable summary. It’s all online, so it’s easy, convenient and secure.  

This is the online assessment tool I like to use with my couples. It will cost you $20 dollars each. Please fill out the form without discussing it with your partner and eMail the report link to Rev Pam at least one week before your first appointment.  eMail: 

On-line Relationship Testing

Relationship Structures - Attachment Styles Across Relationships

Helps you learn more about the way you mentally organize relationships in your mind.  You will be asked to answer questions about your parents, your romantic partners, and your friends. When you are finished, the program will analyze your responses and provide you with a summary  assessment developed by R. Chris Fraley at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.


Are You Best Friends?

 Worldwide leaders in research and couples therapy, Drs. John and Julie Gottman have found that one of the most important characteristics of successful relationships is the quality of the friendship between partners.Do you really know your partner? Take our quiz below to find out.


Find Your Love Language

 Take the 5 Love Languages® official assessment  to discover your love language and begin improving your relationships.Join more than 15 million people who have already improved their relationships by discovering your love language